At first I started writing a blog about how bird-watching had helped my wellbeing. This then became a Twitter page and being active on social media made me enabled me to reach out and engage with others who shared my experiences. I soon realised that the whole thing could transition nicely into a book - something that I have always wanted to do.

I started by researching the notion of the ‘five ways to wellbeing’ which I soon re-coined the ‘five ways to well-birding’. I explored their relevance and application to the hobby of birding; recalling my own experiences and those that other people shared with me through various platforms and then underpinning these with further existing research and ideas.

These collective strands formed the foundations of my book and ultimately I hope to draw from these to present a compelling case for the therapeutic benefits of birdwatching. I stress that Bird Therapy is not a scientific study and I am not trying to ‘prove’ anything but simply put, birdwatching has helped me and clearly helped others.

I hope to get the book published in late 2017 if at all possible. It’s all but written now and just requires proofing before I’m confident enough to approach publishers. If you have any suggestions of suitable publishers then please use the contact page to let me know.